Theme: Desire


Come, snuggle, smell
The nooks, crannies
Corners, the pits
In my arms.

You'll sniff the whiff
Of the Fragrant
Shower gel that I use
And the Talcum that
Keeps the 'feel' of my
Skin, soft and smooth.

But, my darling,
If you be late
In coming to me
Let me not hesitate
In telling you of that
'bonus' that you might
Get - of smelling me
In my erotic sweat.

So choose your time
Make haste or relax
And come to me
In your own time.

Whatever time
You come
Snuggling into me
I promise there would
Always be some sweet
Smell of mine.

The love and lust
That I carry for those
Fingering Fantasies of thine
Would always emanate
In the Fragrance
Of the shower, the talc
And that invigorating
Sweat of mine.

So come to me, my darling
I'll await you
Till the end of time.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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