Theme: Poetry for Children

The Devil's Pathway

(The setting ....A campfire, children gathered around, laughing and talking.
The fire crackling and the smell of roast marshmallows on sticks fills the air.
' To be read in a spooky, whispery type voice.)

Gather around the fire children
Let me tell you about a tale
It happened to me on All Hallows Eve
And it's gonna thrill you
Chill you and yes .....
It might even will you
To never venture out again!
Do you feel the hairs on your neck
Start to rise when you get a fright?
No did you say?
Then kids you're gonna feel it tonight!
Have you heard of the Devil's Pathway?
If you go down that way
You'll never come back they say
It's the pits of HELL, forever lost, wandering
You can scream
You can cry
You can beg but no-one's gonna hear you
They just laugh!

Sssssh! What was that noise I just heard?
Over there in the bushes
Quickly children come closer to me
I think it's a messenger
From the black angel himself
He preys on little kiddies
Such as yourself!

When you feel those little hairs
I mentioned on your neck
Start to rise and you tremble
It's the devil coming and he's about to
Grab you
Jab you and kebab you
On his bar-b-que tonight!

Hahaaaaaheeeeeeeee ahhhhh
You're looking a little green there
Did something give you a fright?

The Devil's Pathway got ME you know
I was out on Halloween night just like yourselves
Door knocking with my friends
We took a short cut through the woods
I was chased by witches
A scary, screeching bunch
I was terrified
So I ran and ran and RAN
Right down to the Devil's Pathway
What was I to do?
I was lost
Yes lost and scared out of my wits
I had no idea
Where I'd come from
Run from
Begun from so I dashed along
The Devil's Pathway and I'm still there tonight!

Did I hear you laugh and say
That I'm here
Right now?
Telling my tale to silly young children
Such as yourselves?
I'm NOT you know!
I'm still there walking the Devil's Pathway
Oh yes I am
You don't BELIEVE ME?
Then let me show you
I'm going to take you there now!
Oh yes RIGHT NOW!.......come along children
And we're....

(The setting ....
A lonely campfire almost burnt down to cinders.
A single child's shoe lying nearby.


More By  :  Janine Daniel

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