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Something is Better than Nothing

After a long time
He wrote me a letter of warmth
It came a tad too late
To do its intended effect.

Didn't melt me down
Sent shivers thru me?
No way!
Nothing no more
Excites me about him.

May be, I've got over him
May be the pain is so much
Perennial and everlasting'
That it has swallowed up
All the love -
Like the gigantic waves
Of the gluttonous Tsunami.

In this letter of warmth
Did I see the word 'Romantic'?
I thought the sky has fallen over
Seeing such words from a man
So cold and frozen before
That it all seems so surreal.

Did he not tell me that
All my suffering is caused
By me and me alone
Nobody to blame.
He? Never, ever!
Giving a clean chit to himself
In all what he said and did to me.

And did he not label my lamentations
As mere, feeble acts of self-pity?
It is so true that when it happens
To others, you can put so many
Labels to make them feel
The problem is so much theirs
They to blame, they the cause,
They the 'actors' of agony.

And now when he talks of
His state of being down and out
So much so that he doesn't like to
Go to work as before'
Feels like staying at home
Forever more'
I don't question further
Who to blame.

Remembering the times
He left me stranded
When I needed him the most.
I don't even broach self-pity
For unlike me,
He could be in 'real' agony.

No, I don't even go all out
To give him warm hugs of
Care and Concern
For I don't feel any warmth
As that 'Apu' which he calls me
In this letter of his,
Has frozen long back
In his icy coldness of the past.

Instead, I write him an inspiring
Story and send in some good music
To uplift him.
With all the pain pulsating in me'
I still manage to give him something.

And as they say, that at least
Something is Better than Nothing.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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