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You Need Counseling

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I said:
I needed his time
I wanted him in life
Needed to be his wife
I wished to bed him'
And bear him a baby

He said:
You need Counseling

I said:
I loved him so much
That it hurts every time
He misunderstands me
And then refutes his
Misunderstanding of me
By saying that he
Understands me'
I was in Anguish, Pain and Hurt.

He said:
You need Counseling

I said:
I have sleepless nights
And lonesome days
I miss him too much
Every moment of my life
And need him by my side.
May be I am wrong or
May be I am right
But it is a need
By a damsel in distress
Seeking her Beloved.

He said:
You need Counseling

I said:
I am in love
Hopelessly, helplessly
Carelessly, Ceaselessly
With him.
Call it an Obsession
Or an Addiction
Call it my Devotion
Or just an Infatuation
Names Aplenty
For this one emotion
They call ' Love.

He said:
You need Counseling

Well ' he called me up
And we talked
Then - I called him up
And we talked.
We did a lot of talking'
And with every word of mine,
He knew that I missed him,
Needed him, loved him
So very much
In abundance and
With Abandonment'

Yet ' when I said
He said:
You need Counseling

And they call it:
Blind Love?
I can see
Total Blindness
In the way he relates to me
Professing himself as a
Friend to me'
And did they say:
Love is Blind
Friendship ' Clairvoyant?

Is it ever true?
Or so very untrue?


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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