Theme: Love

Stolen Memories

Why did you steal my peace of mind?
In your love, I've truly become blind!
Why did you steal my smile and cheer?
For the first time, love, I'm beginning to fear.
Why did you steal my sleep?
In love, less I smile and more I weep.
Why did you steal my heart?
Unless I see you once, my day doesn't start.
Why did you give me so much pain?
There's an eternal conflict between my heart and brain!
Why did you make me feel so sad?
Just a smile of yours makes me whole day glad.
All my joy, why did you kill?
True happiness in my heart, only your presence can fill.
Why did you provoke my memories of the past?
You're the first woman in my life, and also the last!
Why did you wake me up from the love slumber?
My days of peace, why did you number?
Why didn't you leave me to rot?
To gain your love, with myself, a colossal battle have I fought.


More By  :  P. Mohan Chandran

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