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Your Heart

So you've given your Heart to me'
Do I keep it or give it back
Do I at all need it
Was it worth the wait
Why did you lose your heart to me?
Or did you give it out of sympathy'
Do you think I deserved it'
Or was it one of your many
As you've always done with 'others' of my kind

Or were you being sincere, loving and true
When you considered giving me:
Your Heart
And will you take it back from me
Once the 'rosiness' is over'
When we've had our share of making love,
When you no longer fancy me,
Having 'felt' me inside-out'
And then give it to that someone else
who would woo you as I did

Mind you, my love'
If ever you could be loved so much
It has to be me, and only me'
I've been true to God and You,
loving Him and loving You'

at peace with my loneliness,
I learned to live, longing for you'
'merely existing' ' you might say,
Yet still livable than a 'living death'
Once you snatch your heart from me'

So my love, there is still time,
Tell me it's not yet true:
That you falling for me
Cannot ever and ever be true'
Let me keep on loving you
Longing for you
Just the way I do
Forever and ever and ever so'
You keep your heart to yourself
for I don't yet deserve you,
and you don't have to heed me
just so as I keep asking you.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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