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Sun and Moon

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As the Sun
Sets on the Sea
With its reddish glow
And orange hues...
The day shades in for me
Awakening the
Night of Darkness
Within me...

And the setting Sun
On the horizon
Beckons me
Nearer to it
As if asking me
To seek shelter
In its radiant warmth
And magnanimous

Yet when I see
The swirling waters
Of the Sea...
With their myriad colors
Reflecting the Setting Sun's
Evening Glory -
I remember that
It is all a mirage
For the very same Sun
Inviting me in with all
Its Grandeur -
Can Scorch me dry
On one of those days
When it is bright and shining
In the clear, blue sky.

So I see it,
Cherish it
From far-away...
I love the sun setting
On the Sea
It is a lovely sight for me
Every day
Yet - I always revert back
To my night of darkness
When the sun sets in
Even if it is lonely and
Shadowy out here...

I still prefer
The coolness of the night
The bright, starry delight
Of the sky and the stars
And in that darkness -
That still, somber mood
Of being alone, solitary
And so very lonely...
The tears in my eyes
Speak to my Beloved
Sans any words
Nor any letters
Yet feelings galore
Dreams aplenty...

The beautiful Moon
with its subtle grace
Takes the place
Of my messenger of love.
In its blue moonlight
I bask and ask -
Questions aplenty
To my Beloved.

And I wait and I wait
For the answers to come
Drifting by...
Like the soft evening breeze
And the cool night air
Rejuvenating me,
Arousing me
Teasing me
Making love to me...
Revitalizing and
Refreshing me -
From lands afar,
Across the miles
Over the seven seas.

Like a clandestine affair
Of the Night
Amidst the stars and the sky
Where I laugh and I cry
With You
In my Fantasies...
Like it happens every night
When the Sun goes down
And ushers in the Night -
And Yes - The Witness
Of this night long
Love affair...
Fantasizing without a care -
Remains my messenger of love :
The eternal Moon
With its blue moonlight.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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