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Sunset at Scarborough

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When you saw
The Golden Sun
Setting on the Sea
At Scarborough
And you thought of me, my love
I felt wonderful
Being a part of the text
That you sent me
Being a part of your memory
As you remembered me
Being a part of that
Moment in Time
When the Golden Sun
Was setting
On the Sea
At Scarborough.

As you stood there
In the Balcony
On the 22nd floor
Of your hotel room
Gazing at the
Swirling waters of the Sea
Radiant and Vibrant
In the oranges and reds
Of the Setting Sun's
Majestic Charisma -
The waves and the tides
Playing hide and seek
With the lovely bright colors
Of the Setting Sun's
Enchanting Enigma

I thought of your eyes

Yes, those very beautiful
Eyes of yours,
With those long eyelashes
That make your eyes
All the more expressive, deep
And enchanting
Like the Setting Sun's
Ethereal Beauty
In that evening sea
At Scarborough

I felt like kissing those eyes

Yes, those very same eyes
Tired and aching
After a hard day's work
Seeking some relaxing moments
To rejuvenate itself
In the Setting Sun's
Evening Glory...
On the Scarborough Sea
Before they again endure
Another ordeal of
Another Day's
Hard Work.

So my love, please accept my kisses

For they are truly meant for you
More so, for those lovely eyes of yours
Hope these kisses of mine
Help to preserve your wonderful memories
Of the setting sun's myriad hues
What a beautiful way to bid adieus
As it goes deep down
Far beyond the horizon
Into the lows and highs
Of the waves and tides
On the Scarborough Sea.

And here across the miles
I wait for that auspicious moment, my love
When you and me together
Will sit and talk and share
Of how you felt at Scarborough
And how I felt being there with you
In my thoughts, dreams
And fantasies
And as you'll unravel
Those preserved memories
Of the Setting Sun's
Myriad Glories
I'll listen and ponder
Like a child in wonder!

Wondering at the Sun's
Colorful Hues
Those Brilliant Views
Wondering at the Splendor
Of you being there before me
With your beautiful eyes
For me to see
You - the Radiant Sun for me
And I - the deep, deep sea
Waiting for you to set on me


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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