Theme: Perception

Which Way is Up

Some may claim, no - thing really matters,
but science emphatically states,
in our universe,
ethical atom’s of sound require,
receptive, mortal atoms, that accept the sound,
to prove it exists,
be that as it may, if we look at sound in a
mirror image, parallel universe,
through rose tinted, anti-matter glasses,
swirling, anti-matter receivers of sounds, gyrate inside out,
with counter- atoms firing earshot’s of sound,
seeking pivoting anti-matter atom receivers,
circulating sound balance, outside in,
quirks of quarks in the quantum dance,
all this cacophony of sound,
may be, an a-muse-sing, mute point,
in a whirl-wind world, devoid of truth’s facets,
where authentic sounds are
lost, in illusions of self- indulgence,
within the halls of sacred scientific knowledge,
nevertheless, the atom’s of heaven n hell are quite concerned,
for what type of spirits, in their righteous minds,
wants to depart into anti-matter heaven?

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More By  :  Michael Levy

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