Theme: Love

The Moth

The Moth
Goes near it
To seek some light
In its world of darkness
To seek some respite
In its desolate life
To seek some warmth
In its search for love,
Care and belongingness'

The Moth goes near it
Hoping to find
Some acceptance
Some reciprocation
Of its burning desire
For that source of light
But try as he might
He fails, he fails
And he miserably fails'

Every time he goes to it
He comes back
With less of warmth
And a lot less care'
Burns and Scalds
On its bruised body
Because of the Light
That hardly cares
To share its luminance
To shower its radiance
On this hapless victim
Of its crude ignorance'

And yet the Moth
Madly in love
Dedicated to its light
That source of 'delight'
Which it hopes
Would be for him
One day '
And pine for him
As he does for her'
He would win over it,
Come what may'
Goes seeking her
Night after night
And every night
He returns back
Burned and scalded
As ever before'

So with all these scalds
And scars of burns
Which he accepts
As the kind
Of his beloved light,
Tired yet devoted
With wings so torn
He can hardly fly'
He still makes
One last attempt
To appease his Beloved -
That luminous light
On one last night.

And he burns and burns
And he so badly burns
His body in ashes'
All over his Beloved's
Flame of Light.

And in that moment
Of despair and death
Not just the night
Mourns this grave loss
Of love and longing'
The candle-light
Burning bright
For all these nights
Realizes the depth
Of the Moth's
Eternal love for her'
And in a sense of shock
Gives up itself
To the world of
Darkness and Death.

So now the burnt-out,
Withered Wick
Remains the stoic witness
To tell this tragic tale
Of the Moth and the Light
How they met every night
Yet there was no love
Lost nor gained,
Neither realized
Nor reciprocated.
And yet when they couldn't
Unite in life'
Death found a way out
Heralding their sacred union
In the after-life.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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