Theme: Anguish

The Promise of Nature

The Promise of Nature1.jpg
Fresh waters gushing forth
From the springs eternal
Fed the roots
Along the entire route
For ages
Through the woods and brooks.

Springs have gone dry
Leaving only the traces
Of their eternal flow.
Roots have withered
Or are dead.
Trees are denuded
Or dying.

Even rains are rare.
They do not engender virtue.
Distinguish and adore
Life in life!
Idlers are idolizes,
Idols are idle,
Ideals starve
And stray
Into alien territory!

To be prosecuted
And executed.

Lord of Life watches this
And this also-
Life's real riches robbed,
Treasures plundered,
Sinners flourish-
Sinners in society,
Sinners in saintly garb
The patronage and protection
Of impotent will and toothless law.

I am still rooted in roots
And feel the rot
And am rotting.
Will you stem the rot, O Lord?

Is it evolution
Of new civilization
Emerging from the Divine Dream
Of molding, carving and shaping?

Perhaps so.
A comfort in rotting!


More By  : Prof. R. K. Bhushan

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