Theme: Retrospection

The Virgin Man

My Love,
Today when you told me
That 'something'
Happened to you
As I sat close to you
Whenever you were there
With me
And I with You.

Trust Me '
I don't even remember
On how many such occasions
That 'something' happened to you
When and where'
What day, and what place.
Yet I do remember
That very lovely smile
On your handsome face
Those twinkling eyes of yours
And the way you used to
Scribble your head
With those seductive
Fingers of yours'
Setting your hair straight
Combing your fingers through

And my Love,
Today when you confessed
About those 'very difficult' times
When you felt it so hard
To stop yourself
From falling all over me'

I felt wonderful !
Being desired by you
For I've always desired you
Psychologically, emotionally
And physically -
Like a woman would desire
The man of her life
To whom she wants to be a
Life-long wife.

Once and for all,
If we could turn the clock back
And those moments of desire
Would come to us again
I wish you were not so
And neither was I
So very coy.
I wish you could come
Falling for me'
Seeking me
With love and passion.

And I would have had
Demurely, Blushingly
Yet so very truly
Given in to you
With my true emotions
That are still
Very much there'
For you, and you and you
After all these years
Of living in separation.

Call it the Game of Time
Or Destiny
May be a lot to do
With God's Decree.
That when I felt for you
And You felt for me
I kept quite and
So did you.

If that one last time
Whenever it was -
Out of all the times
You had desired me
When I sat next to you
Talking all and sundry.
That one very moment
You could have let it out
And I could have had
The Guts
To say it all out -
How very much
I truly loved you
Deeply desired you
And even do
Till this very day.

That one moment in time
Ripe in passion and in love
Would have changed
Our destinies forever'
And I would have asked you
To marry me, to make me yours
I would have faced the world for you
If only you would have been mine.

Yes ' That moment in time
Lost to posterity
Still has its fleeting glimpses
In us
In the memories we share
For we know
However much we care
For each other.
Now ' You are no longer
That Virgin Man
And I am no more that
Virgin Woman
To offer our
Virgin love and passion
To each other.
You and me
Busy with our families
Being married elsewhere
Now seek comfort
And respite
In the memories of days gone by'

And some consolation
That there is a relationship
We hope to cherish
Till death makes us part
That is our long-distance
Time-tied, life-long

And what more can we do
As we always do'
Than me write a poem
And you read it through
Of a once Virgin Man
Who had feelings for
A once Virgin Woman.
Yet so blissfully unaware
That he was the Man
The Love of her Life
Whom she would have loved
To beget sons and daughters
As his very beloved wife.

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More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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