Theme: Desolation


Nothing is impossible: everything is possible.
Affirmation and confirmation, conforming to
The positive attitude as signified in books.

But then why is this world blurred, why do drops sting my cheeks?
I saw…I saw a bird plummeting down from the sky
I saw a child with scars, an old man cry
I was every woman who could not because she had nowhere to go;
I was the child, woman and man
That is when this blurred world began.

If Siddharth, the son of a king asked why
Why should I, I, find the reply?

The train that missed the track;
The limbless man, the teenager in limbo
The rage and the desperation in tenement homes
Though home still; the slums and drugs
And the black alleys at night
The jobless, the mobs, those who were deaf to pleas
No more, no more pain please.

Now in my mind I thought I could see
Evidence of misery and insanity
But this blurred world, part of my own personal pain
Is also full of guilt and vanity.
Thus I spin out my emotions in reams of verse
Alone in my own little corner of the universe.
This world seems blurred;
But then, thus so is the world.


More By  :  Rani Turton

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