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Who Am I

I am not the name my parents gave me
I am not a university degree
I am not what I seem to be
“Who Am I”, “Who Am I”

Whatever I posses will one day wither
Yet I scurry about hither and thither
I am that which is subtler than ether
“Who Am I”, “Who Am I”

My physical body changes every twenty one days
My mind tricks me in so many different ways
Only my soul cries out constantly and says
“Who Am I”, “Who Am I”

I do not have one identity
Many roles I have played throughout eternity
I ask this always and hold on to my integrity
“Who Am I”, “Who Am I”

There is no one but Me to answer this query
It will be revealed to me when my ego I bury
Reverberating until, with my Source I merge and marry
“Who Am I”, “Who Am I”

Eons have passed, time is high
My heart is heavy and deeply I sigh
In the guise of happiness internally I cry
“Who Am I”, “Who Am I”
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More By  :  Bindu Vidyadhar

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