A Heart Chirps  by Ramesh Anand
A Radioactive Soul  by Shoaib Rafiq
A Vow  by Pramod Khilery
Abide Within  by Kulbir Bhalla
Always Me  by Mukesh Williams
Anaesthesia  by Madathil Rajendran Nair
Are You Seeing Your True Being?  by Kulbir Bhalla
Balloon  by Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma
Bird of Paradise  by Maria Reed-Shore
Bogus Fraternity of Tokyo  by Mukesh Williams
Breath  by Rajender Krishan
Core of the Onion  by Rajender Krishan
Count His Blessings Keep on Steppings  by Dr. Ram Mehta
Crane  by Maria Reed-Shore
Dev At Beach  by Rajender Krishan
Discover Who You Are  by Kulbir Bhalla
Ego  by Nilesh N. C. Roy
Ensnared  by Trupti Derashri
Explore Your Self  by Charu Dewan
Goodbye Sanity  by Julia Dutta
I  by Kuldeep Srivastava
I  by Kulbir Bhalla
I  by Rupradha Mookerjee
I Am  by Dr. A.B. Rao Sai Prasad
I Bear No Malice  by Maria Reed-Shore
I Could Still have Tried  by Sanjay Kumbkarni
I Don't Love You  by Mriganka Chatterjee
I in the Universe  by R. D. Ashby
I, Me, Myself  by Anushree Pal
In Search of Peace  by Hema Ravi
Indulgence  by Arup Ganguly
Letter to Myself  by Dr. Sutapa Chaudhuri
Love Song  by Rajender Krishan
Love Thyself  by Mukesh Williams
Mirror  by Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
Mirror of the Self  by Bhadran Kesavan
Mother  by Aparna Chatterjee
My Best Friend   by Manoshi Chatterjee
My Bosom Enemy and My Divine Self  by Khushboo Jain
My Identity   by Kumud Biswas
My Life  by Prof. Jaydeep Sarangi
My Soul, I Saw You  by Rani Turton
Myself  by Rajat Das Gupta
Poly Sci  by Casey Stanley Cavinder
Ramblings of a Schizophrenic  by A. J. Rao
Realization  by Rajender Krishan
Reflection in a Phial  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Reflections  by Rachna
Self-Appraisal  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Self-Promotion  by R. D. Ashby
Self-Realization  by Kulbir Bhalla
Space without Time  by Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
Tat Tvam Asi  by Mukesh Williams
The Fountainhead  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Gay Son  by Jan Oscar Hansen
The Night Whispers  by Sambrita Basu
The Whys and Wherefores  by Priyanka Dey
What Am I?  by Sundar Rajan
What I am?  by Rajender Krishan
When Loneliness becomes Emptiness  by Shernaz Wadia
Who Am I  by Bindu Vidyadhar
Who Are You?  by Kulbir Bhalla
Who do You Say I Am  by Maria Reed-Shore
Without You  by Flawsome A