Theme: Anguish

Jodi Jante Chao Tumi

(If you want to know)

He plays this Hemanta
Song and asks me
If I want to know
How much pain he has
I should go and ask
A caged bird,
To gauge the depth of his tears,
I should go and ask
The submerged lotus.

Little does he know
That I don’t want to know
Anything at all.

There was a time
When I wished to know it all.
But then he told me
Friendship is all about forwards.
No queries, no replies.
That’s what all his friends do.
Why don’t I too?

Now, even if he wishes
That I ask him,
Or I would like to know him…
The depth of his pain and tears,
I now know that
I don’t want to know anything.

Yes, Hemanta sings well.
The words are nice…
The song is nostalgic.
But it fails to melt me.

There was a time,
Every word and every song
I heard with him,
It touched me somewhere
Deep down there,
Just because he played it for me.

Now, even if he tries
Or I try,
Those feelings have just gone away
Our friendship has ebbed away
And given way
To some sort of
Animosity that
Has caged us like that bird
Has submerged us like that lotus
And we cannot fly away,
Nor can we breathe easy
In these murky waters…
Of our stale relationship.

You can hear the song here.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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Comment Sure, feel free :)

15-Feb-2011 03:58 AM

Comment I liked both the original poem and the sequel. I have translated the original one in Bengali and like to share it with you and my poet friends.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
15-Feb-2011 00:27 AM