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There is divinity in her eyes 
There is serenity in her face 
There is purity in her soul,
She overflows with plentiful 
Charm and grace. 
There is simplicity in her being 
She is nature's gift to me :) 
With her bountiful natural beauty. 
She has a naivety about her 
And she's also very cheeky! 
I keep falling head over heels 
In love with her...
The more she amuses me 
With her childish chivalry! 
Yes, she's my little girl of three 
She's none other than my 
Dearest, darling Kochi :)

(Touch Wood. Nazar Na Lagey)

I wrote this dedication in 2007 when my beloved daughter was just 3. Her name is Rupashri Chatterjee. I lovingly call her Kochi (which in Bangla means: the tender one). However, the photo above is a recent one. She is now 6.


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