Theme: Love


Loving you has been a way of life
Every day I live to love you
It’s an endless passion, a burning desire,
I just can’t have enough of you…

Yes it is true, you are my beloved,
You fulfill my every need,
You are God’s gift to me
In every way that I can see.

Your touch, your smile,
And that very loving gaze,
Your smell, your breath,
It’s all a magical haze…

You are mine – that’s all I know,
Let the world go its own way
I’ll forever remain yours,
Let you be known – it's for sure!


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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Comments on this Poem

Thanks :-)

14-Jun-2015 06:41 AM

Comment It is really a wonderful love poem of all the poems I have read of yours so far!

T A Ramesh
14-Jun-2015 01:45 AM

Comment I like this line 'It’s all a magical haze'. great love poem!

16-Dec-2010 03:45 AM