Theme: Experience

The Fulfilment of Perfection

In the pursuit of fulfilment is the pursuit
of perfection, and if the identification
is secure, we have attained the end.
As children, perfection is in most things,
it can only be that lights a child’s face up! -
It shows perfection is what we were born for.
Our development is one that is critical of form,
standards of perfection inform our perception,
the ideal more often shorted in experience.
But we persevere in pursuit of the ideal; the whole
of life becomes an art, the accommodation
in sense experience of that which is perfection.
And though we err, and live through disillusionment
that fulfilment in sense experience brings
to pass, it is the only thing we know, we live for.
But seeing we seek fulfilment from knowledge
of the ideal, it is not from sense experience, which has
its limitations, and fails; we know better to live for.
The denier of the world has grasped this fact – but
since fulfilment is not in the senses, suppressing
desire is not the way, but dissolving it in love
of the ideal that brings fulfilment in experience
to any man or woman, in all life’s circumstances:
good will, the fulfilment of  perfection, the end.


More By  :  R. D. Ashby

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