Theme: Life

The Zoo

Of wild animals bizarre and men weirder,

The zoo enthralls all, without an iota of doubt.

The howler monkeys sure get red in the face,

hearing the men jeer, yell, shriek and shout.


The Jaguar scratched his head in bewilderment,

as the gazelle recounted man’s bloodthirsty tale.

Of wars and genocide, murders and bloodshed,

that would make even the wild tiger, look pale.


The chimpanzees burst into applause, hands clapping,

for all that the human brain could design and build.

A herd of mighty elephants looked in amazement,

At mines that mutilated and bombs that killed.


The coyotes don’t kill for the sake of hatred,

The cougar does not hunt its prey for fun.

Programmed to do or die, by mother nature,

It’s the predator’s chase, and the prey’s run.


The beaver borrows from nature, it’s home,

And man plunders forests for his selfish needs.

From the forest takes and to the forest gives,

the squirrel relishes nuts and disperses seeds.


The African giraffe stood tall amongst the trees,

“what makes man so ambitious?”, he thought.

If only compassion stood taller than ambition,

With all these dams, there would be no drought!


The panda mused over as men stared at him,

“Why am I on this side of this iron cage?”

No wilder than them the wildest animal is,

loot, rape, torch homes and war they wage.


By the waterhole, a flock of pelicans flew in,

Caring alike, for the sick, the young and the old.

“Love and trust comes by instinct”, they chirped,

“But men stoop low, bargaining honesty for gold”


The gibbons were wonderstruck as they listened,

how men cheat and manipulate to reach the (tree) top.

“Even the baboons would be put to shame”, they said,

“By man’s swindling tricks, at the hat’s drop!”


So who’s more worthy of a thorough stare,

The beast inside or the beast outside untamed

Nothing human about men, so they deserve

To be a zoo's exhibit, in a cage unnamed.



More By  :  Mohammed Abdul Latif

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