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Why do you wear a vest? 
Do you really need to wear it? 
When you come to me… 
Don’t you think it prevents me 
From accessing you directly ;)

Come to me only with your 
Buttoned up tucked in shirt, 
Leave the rest to me… 
What to do, how to do, 
How long and how well to do. 
The whys, hows and wherefores 
Of doing things to you… 

And when I do those things to you, 
You’ll come back to me again 
And again and again, and those 
Endless times and again… ;)
With that vestless shirt of yours 
So that I could do those things 
To you, unbuttoning so many ways 
Of seeking the pleasures in you. 

Don’t tell me where to begin. 
I know the beginnings and the endings 
The tops, the bottoms and the tips 
The line breaks and the paragraphs 
The commas, semi colons and full stops 
All that punctuates to the last dot. 
Not to forget your quest of queries 
And my answers of exclamations !!!

I can do it in pairs or in singles 
I know all the mixes and the mingles 
I know what jerks and jingles! 
I just know what you want 
I can see it in your eyes… 
I can feel it in your quivering voice 
I can hear it in your ecstatic cries. 

Let me practise before the final play 
Let me trace you in your clothes - 
And see what your shirt and trousers 
Say! Hmmm…Feels Nice. 
Doesn’t it? What? You loved it! 
Wao! When? Oh, Yes! 
I know that feels Nice. 
When I touch you on those 
Tips of yours, in the collars 
And the pockets, on the left, 
The right, the sides and the folds 
Of that vestless shirt of yours - 
And the pivots of your trousers. 

Let’s get this over now. 
Lots of practice had its way ;)
Let’s now begin the final play 
I know and I can feel that Bulge. 
The Zip is panting to give you way 
But it has to wait, you see… ;)
For the buttons need to be undone 
One by one, don’t make haste 
Relax…slow down, breathe in, 
Breathe out, savour every moment 
Of your vestless shirt’s seduction 
As the Fun has only just begun!


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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