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Being Great

by Ajit Pal Singh Daia
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Yes, I
I do not want to become great.
But why?
In fact everything has a reason behind it .
So I.......
Why do I not want to become great,
There is a reason behind it also.
I have observed and
Whenever I get an opportunity
I observe it time and again.

The gist of my observation is just that
Whenever a man becomes great
He becomes a statue.
And is placed at town squares and circles
Just as a decorative item.
Rather I should say
he gets a punishment for becoming great .
Everyday thousands and thousands
Will pass by him but in fact,
no one get face to face to him
Or even notices him,
excluding exception of a couple of days .

The exceptions are usually
the birth day and the death anniversary
of the great man .
On these special days
Perhaps (it depends upon
the level of greatness of the great)
The statue and its surrounding will be cleaned,
The statue will be garlanded
Some felicitations or functions will be organised
Bur the remaining 363 days
(or 364 days if it is a leap year)
will just pass.
Pinching the soul of the great man

The garland in the neck of the statue
Will remain drying –dried for the next year or so.
This is the only duty of people
towards the great men.
But the birds will recite odes to the great men,
Will utter the panegyrics
Sitting upon the head,
They will kiss them,
They will prune its beak upon them .
the birds will discharge excreta
and urinate upon the great men
And thus they will worship the great men.

Seeing all these things I get giddy,
I feel anxious,
Are they become great for mere this thing,
Sirs, I cannot become great,
I am appalling just by name of being great.
The whole year,
keeping dried dusty garlands in my neck,
It’s not bearable for me.
Even my statue will succumb to
Foul smell of birds' excreta,
Scorching heat,
Shivering cold,
Heavy downpour
Year after year.
Just standing on a platform
at various public places

Sirs, I have no patience
To bear up all such things,
Please forgive me
I can't,
Yes I can't become great
No sirs,


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