Theme: Spirituality


Earth, water, fire, air
From solid to liquid
Liquid to fire
And fire to vapor'.

'Does it flow in this order Mila?'
'Call me Milega' you say
'Does it follow this pattern, Milega'

Like the five fingers on our hand?

Earth, the index finger
Solid, pulsating, throbbing with life
Water, the middle finger
Like dream state
Flowing, in different parts of the brain
Fire, in the ring finger
Causing our bodies to burn
And reduce to ashes
Air, ah! a little cool air
From our little finger'

Alas! Air is like smoke
Says the old adage -
Where there is smoke, there is fire'
Know it then:
Flame is always covered by smoke
The fire of desire'

Yet when our fingers intertwine
And our bodies whirl as One
There is only one reality we know
The ether of love

Mila. Milega. Milareppa
Earth, water, fire, air
Four fingers
Four different states of beings -
In you all things come together
All four fingers dissolve into
One -

The fifth finger on our hand
It is the last state we know
The ether of love


More By  :  Julia Dutta

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