Theme: Fantasy


In that photo of yours
I saw you
Your face, your shoulders,
Your hands, and then
Your fingers

My lips quivered
So did my hands
And I felt like touching you,
With my quivering lips
And unsure hands,
Those very beautiful
Exquisite fingers

Reading your poems of love
And pondering over your letters
Sometimes I imagine
You writing to me
With those very same
Slender and artistic
Adept fingers

Very often I feel
And wonder
If your fingers
Ever do ache
Writing so long,
So nice,
And so very endless,
Day after day

And if they do, my Love
I feel like pampering them
With tender, loving care
A kiss here, a kiss there
Holding them,
Caressing them,
Sucking them slow

Your fingers in my mouth
Taking turns to go
One by one,
I feel them,
Nibble them,
Suckle them,
Make love to them,
Within the deep recesses
Of my oral crevice

Till they feel pampered
And satiated
And I feel the same too
Contented and happy
Making love to you
With your fingers
In my mouth

A wonderful tryst
Of love and lust,
Warmth and arousal,
And then if you wish
And if I'm also willing,
We can play this game
All night long

Where you don't win
And I don't lose
We both win over together
And lose ourselves
To each other

I give free rein to
Your fingers
To touch, feel
And explore
The inner crevices
And every pore
Of my body

The mouth has had its turn
Now, do you wish to go
Further down..?
And see how it feels
To caress my breasts,
My derriere and my
With those seeking,
Exploring fingers of yours

You've penned a lot of poetry
And your letters intoxicate me
How about writing
Some letters of love
And a few lines of love ballads
On the spaces and margins
Of my body
Dipping your fingers,
And drinking into
The juice of my
Dripping Yoni...


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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