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Democracy - Tears Rolled Down

Demand money for legitimate duties
Encourage laziness by giving freebies
Mobilise idlers for personal prosperity
Orient actions towards immoral practice
Create room for antisocial elements
Reach only the rich suppressing dumb mice
All efforts should be to shoot the opponent
Zeal is to build castles on the atrocities
You and i cannot save much as all is done.
If these are signs of real-time democracy
Why to have so many leaders and flags
Kindly request them to commit suicide
Happily we will send them out with their flags.
Democracy is slowly dying and is called
Demoncracy which we have to stop.
Mother India is crying in the hands of
Some mothers at times which really hurts.
Anna Hazare is giving his last breathe to
Find a clean society out of the trash
Finer all the people who stand by him but
Killers are the people who wish him crash.
Democracy also is rotten beyond repair
Who will renovate the historic structure
To keep the people in the welcoming mood
And stay saluting under the great India flag.
Will the day come again or not is within us
As long as we keep quiet and shut all 9 holes
Foreign elements need not attack us our
Own people are enough to finish us as a whole.
Youth have to raise and open their eyes
Vivekananda did not vision this kind of India
Let us also breathe a pure and corrupt-free air
Before we say goodbye to our great India.
Youth are the only strength India has now
Let politicians do scams youth can easily scan
Scams may name India as scamia if multiplies
But let us put the scamsters under lock and hot pan.
Gandhi Shastri and Patel would not have guessed
That their followers would be that bad o god
They are not with us now at least let them
Have the dream what a P J has been insisting.
Non-violence is still a weapon i doubt
Politicians always survive in violence
British were not that hard to ignore
But our own nationals are becoming Nathurams.
Mother India is under mercy of some mothers india
Father of the nation would have become stunned
To see the sons daughters grand sons and daughters
To tell white cappers what is right and shunned.
Democracy is a big tent which covers all dadas
And mamas making huge savings in watches land
Youth you are the kingpins to run the rusted
Wheels of the native land of great Mahatma.
Gear up and cheer up
No time to waste
Join your hands and
Hit the right spot
To bring corruption
To a grinding halt.
Without this, national anthem is only yet another song
Which just allows the corrupt to hide and enjoy.
Without this, freedom is yet another fictional event
Which just gives token for us to go for a holiday trip.
Jai hind.


More By  :  Ravi N.

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