Theme: Game

Hide 'n' Seek

I went to this room
That room,
Drawing room.

No room did I
Leave empty -
To hide from thee.

But no matter
Where I went -
You followed me
Persecuted me
Sought me…
Like a stranger
Seeks a shelter
In an unknown

Pain, you always
Seek refuge in me.

In this hide ‘n’ seek
Game that I’ve always
Played with thee, so many
Times….every time,
You emerge the winner
Vanquishing me with
Your perennial glory.

I salute thee,
O Pain.
You are invincible.
I’m all yours…
Raping me is your
Destiny and I, the
Victim of your
Excruciating agony.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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Comment I have a choice:
I choose to rejoice!

14-Nov-2011 17:55 PM

Comment very touchy!! filled my eyes with tears..

07-Nov-2011 09:51 AM