Theme: Tribute

A Tribute to a Class

All dunces danced in delight.
It was the day of the duds;
And he was born.
Since then, he has a virgin head,
Empty soul, cold heart and morals dead.
Blessed with the supremacy of senselessness,
Decorated with the doctorate in dullness.
Recognized well in the land of sober crime,
Elsewhere he chooses to play mime.
The master saw glory in his noble vision,
Trusted him to guide higher education.
Language is dead, history is fled,
Philosophy is starved, politics is dwarfed.
Wisdom is dark, folly is bright,
Tensions of such blessed souls are light.
His mists rule and he is misty in rules,
His caucus fools and he is fisty with mules.
Stories of swains were his sole delight,
Wrestling with the wits gaily in his flight.
Boasting of high links was his hobby,
The dark and the denuded were his lobby.
Blessed fully in the exit of his shit,
Care of the belly with loose tongue was his only outfit.
Tall arrogant gay gait determined his fate,
Opium thrice a day was his soulmate.
He will stoop or escape when challenged,
'Twas the sure way to keep himself balanced.
Declarations high and pronouncements wise,
Only the members of his clan could surmise.
" Honor and shame from no question rise,
Play well thy part, there all the honor lies-"
Was his chief faith and scriptural rite,
Always for them, he gave sacred fight.
The real gem of meankind,
To light he was totally blind.


More By  : Prof. R. K. Bhushan

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