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Celebrating my month-long Cold!

Strange maybe,
yet my fav’rite season is winter;
It too loves me,
only now with a strong vengeance.
As I celebrate my thirty days of great cold.
A month ago,
I managed reading my poems,
Thanks to a couple of Alaspan for the nonce.

Since then every palliative and potion did I try
To expel, in vain, the chronic phlegmatic upsurge.
Yet the growing cold doesn’t want to leave me
For it has found its mirth and warmth in me.
It suits me too – with cosy sweaters, and woollens
Loads of steaming coffee streaming down the gullet;
Confined as I am to my retired hearth and home
Basking in spells of terrace-touching sunlight mild.

I don’t go out, so infection would be less rampant!
I don’t go out, so traffic would be less congested!
I don’t go out, no pestering beggars and hawkers!
Winters and colds have their memorable pleasures:
As I blow my nose what a lightening relief!
As I dab Vicks what a perfume at my nostrils!
My vaporizer, a geyser at my nose tip!
And slipping into sweet slumbers in the dark bedroom
And dreaming of everything I like and love and want
Enjoying now my summer hill-station at no cost.
Oh, winters wild! You’re always welcome, cold or no cold! 


More By  :  U Atreya Sarma

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