Hands Holding Me

Workshop # 1

To fall or not to fall?
This is the dilemma.

For one such as I to embark
and bite the chilling breeze
is a formidable task.


Will I land safely
or be cast into an ocean of torment?


The fetter that once was life
keeps me hanging desperately
on the branch of similar hopes...
To float carelessly down to the uncharted stomping grounds below.

Down I go,
a swift gale is the hand that holds me
Opening my sails
and I feel alive once more.

Yet I am getting closer,
still closer
to the jungles that await below.

I land with a slight jolt.
"Not bad for the first flight", I judge.
Perplexed, I look around quickly,
and again I am lifted
up, up, ... and away!


But what happens 
when the hands loosen their heavenly grasp?

Will I be laughed upon by my relatives 
having not come this far, 
or will the amazons be 
my utopian escape from reality?

I know not the answer to these questions.
I am just reveling in the ride given to me 
freely by the hands of the wind.

The hands of my newly found friend.

Workshop # 1
A Heady Cocktail by Meenakshi Madhur   
Chrysalis by Sivasundari Bose   
Green 'n' Brown by Mallik Bulusu   
Hands Holding Me by Joseph Allen Hardy   
It's as Green as the Grass Can Grow by Frank Sheehan 
Last Hope by Shveta Kabra   
Nature and Life by B.K. Swaminathan    
Nature has a Lot to Give by Ambika Bhatt 
New World Order by Suniti Chandra Mishra    
Survival Technique by Pavalamani Pragasam   
The Gemini Twins by Maalok    
The Lady Lily by Hecletia    
Time by Dr. Soumya Panigrahi    
Timeless Growth by Sonali Khusal   
Transformation by Rajender Krishan   


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