It's as Green as the Grass Can Grow

Workshop # 1

Sights and sounds of life
flitter through the air
Senses reign supreme, the smell
of flowers grasping your nostrils.

Nature in magnificence
barely a cumulus amidst
A low haze of pollution
under clear delicious aqua blue.

Peace, calmness, serenity prevail
leaving an enduring sense
of perpetuity and significance.
Figures jump alive

Bright vivacious colors
An oil painting mimicking
a Technicolor dream. The creatures,
birds, butterflies levitate throughout.

They run, jump and flutter
with the ease and grace of Gods,
as if blessed with special
cognitions, insights, delights.

The spectrum is spectacular
Un-captured in vernacular.
The beauty of nature surrounds
Un-circumvented by bounds.

Pick flowers, pluck fruit
Hold it, caress it: a gem.
Love it, touch it, succumb
to angelic aura. Be dazzled

By heavenly properties, unfathomable.
Then, one special day, it coagulates
revealing itself in perfect majesty
You sense a distinctness

The uniqueness unmatched
Nor replicated on TV., or in movies
The solitary wonder of nature.
It's As Green As the Grass Can Grow.

Workshop # 1
A Heady Cocktail by Meenakshi Madhur   
Chrysalis by Sivasundari Bose   
Green 'n' Brown by Mallik Bulusu   
Hands Holding Me by Joseph Allen Hardy   
It's as Green as the Grass Can Grow by Frank Sheehan 
Last Hope by Shveta Kabra   
Nature and Life by B.K. Swaminathan    
Nature has a Lot to Give by Ambika Bhatt 
New World Order by Suniti Chandra Mishra    
Survival Technique by Pavalamani Pragasam   
The Gemini Twins by Maalok    
The Lady Lily by Hecletia    
Time by Dr. Soumya Panigrahi    
Timeless Growth by Sonali Khusal   
Transformation by Rajender Krishan   


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