Nature and Life

Workshop # 1

Golden Age means fulfillment of every birth,
Golden leaves are important stage of plant kingdom.

Greenery means beauty and prosperity of earth,
Tender leaves and buds are new births of plant kingdom.

When Golden leaves fulfill their lives,
They drop on earth and mix with soil.

This helps the growth of new plants,
because Golden leaves change themselves
to Manure - mixing with soil.

This is the eternal cycle of Mother Nature,
Each Life is important on this Earth
from Birth till Death.........

Workshop # 1
A Heady Cocktail by Meenakshi Madhur   
Chrysalis by Sivasundari Bose   
Green 'n' Brown by Mallik Bulusu   
Hands Holding Me by Joseph Allen Hardy   
It's as Green as the Grass Can Grow by Frank Sheehan 
Last Hope by Shveta Kabra   
Nature and Life by B.K. Swaminathan    
Nature has a Lot to Give by Ambika Bhatt 
New World Order by Suniti Chandra Mishra    
Survival Technique by Pavalamani Pragasam   
The Gemini Twins by Maalok    
The Lady Lily by Hecletia    
Time by Dr. Soumya Panigrahi    
Timeless Growth by Sonali Khusal   
Transformation by Rajender Krishan   


More by :  B.K. Swaminathan

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Comment i like hearing and listening your classes i am suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder . it gives me great motivation and enjoyment while listening and learning new skills from your dvds and cds if you have any other information please send it to my my email address as i have been suffering from major depression for the past 17 years and i am unemployed. in todays time everywhere there is so much negativity i do not have the the talent or the capacity to face challenges and fear i have worked in 9 companies all call centres because i am a graduate i dont know any thing else bu after 6 mnths or year i have to leave the company due to stress or fear. so if you have something for me i will be really thankful to you .my father is a bk and he is taking baba's teaching for tha past 20 years and i am also making my future in the divine company of baba for the past 8years. om shanti mere bhai

bk puneet

Puneet juneja
16-Jun-2013 02:39 AM

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