Theme: Loss

Last Night

Last night
As like many
Other nights,
I lost one of my
Poems that
Came to my

Was too tired
To write,
So it went
Out of sight!

Am wondering
If it’s gone into
Your mind ;-)
Do pass it on to me
If you don't mind ;-)

(in memory of all those poems that haven’t made it to Boloji because I lost them all….either they came at such odd hours in the night that I felt too tired to write them down or even if I somehow managed to save them in my Blackberry, they were left for so long a time as I couldn’t get the time to publish them, that I lost them all due to SIM errors. Initially, I used to feel very sad over those losses, but then I consoled myself, eventually realizing that too much attachment to my lost poems would prevent me from composing new ones)

Here is Kumarendra Ji's endearing poetic response to my poem.


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