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Covid-19 - A Blessing in Disguise

by P. Mohan Chandran
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Hey Corona! You emerged on this planet, like a bolt from the blue,
Unbeknown to all, from the Wuhan Virology Lab, you flew!

You went on a wild world tour spree,
Because from the confines, you were finally let free!

Upon mankind, you wreaked unprecedented havoc,
Your lethal touch, even the greatest couldn't duck!

You caused umpteen losses to economies galore,
Compelling the world leaders and politicians to raise a furore.

You spared neither the young, nor the old,
You couldn't be killed by climates, whether hot or cold!

You have been exhibiting to the world your "dance of death",
By holding away, the infected victim's breath!

You made the entire world sit in their homes,
And punished those who didn't, by sending them to tombs!

While everyone wished to be (COVID) negative, you taught us numerous positives,
That everyone dies, while only the self-disciplined lives.

You've taught us the value of helping others,
While the selfish and greedy shall be doomed to the hearse!

You have made the air much cleaner to breathe,
You taught us to respect nature, else, upon us, you will lay a wreath!

Courtesy you, the water is purified in rivers, lakes, and seas,
You've given us a new life, of lease.

You have taught us, the new definition of hygiene,
If we want to survive and, to posterity, pass on our gene.

Our ancient traditional practices, you reminded us to embrace,
They are our armours, and never bring us any disgrace.

You glorified the significance of those who work from home,
When many thought, only they truly work, outside who roam!

You've taught that wealth, gold, property, we shouldn't hoard,
It is "essentials" we require, and with these, we soon get bored.

You've taught us to give animals their due space,
We should learn to coexist, if we want to save our face.

You made humans realize, upon them, environment is not dependent,
Humans depend on it, as they can never ever be independent!

While you took away scores of lives, so precious,
You made us learn that life is a circle, vicious.

In hindsight, you are truly, a blessing in disguise,
Those who learn to live with you, are truly wise.  


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