Theme: Bores


Why torture
Myself over
Doing things
I don't like?

But the
Need to be
Even though
I dislike



(Unlike my hubby who isn't bothered by the hygiene of any vehicle, house or hotel whether it's clean, dusty or dirty; I cannot live in unclean places. Those who know us, they know that we are opposites in very many ways. I need my car and home to look good and hence, I'll ensure that they are kept well. I think that in every house the cloakrooms/washrooms/bathrooms should be kept as clean as the prayer rooms, reception rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and guest rooms. If we believe that God is omnipresent, He lives within us and around us, then surely He must be there in every room of every house, and as the saying goes: cleanliness is next to godliness.)


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