Theme: Perception


He says he wants to remain a Recluse
May be work stress and time constraints
are the real Reasons.

Or may be, he wants to use these
as an Alibi or an Excuse
for staying away -
and warding me off his Life.

Whatever may be the Reason or Excuse
for his wanting to remain a Recluse.
Nice Formalities we exchange
in this Relationship of Formalities.

Hi, Hullo, Take Care, Bye
How Informal can it all be -
Greetings and Pleasantries
of Thanks and Welcome
as if we are striving to be
Courteous and Polite all the way.

Being Frank and Outspoken
doesn't really help -
in this Formal Friendship.

Should not speak one's Mind
Keep clutching our hearts
lest we commit the age old
adulterous mistake
of giving in to Impropriety.

Let us be Moral, Ethical, Judicious
and Justified.
In this Society of Thinkers and Doers.

Lest these Thinking and Doing People
in the name of Social Reform
accuse us of Blasphemy.
B'cos they Seem to be the Judges
of what is Right and what is Wrong.

So let's listen to their dictates
and silence our yearnings
B'cos we live for them
and they exist to tell us
how do we make our lives worth living.

Yes, we need to restrain and limit
ourselves -
and bury those feelings in our bodies
Acting as Robots to their Rules
So much so for social respectability.

And of course, zeroing on to him
I guess he is telling me the truth
of his wanting to be a Recluse
and the reasons are Real
not just an Excuse.

Though even if he fibs and lies
How am I supposed to know?
You see, I am No God.
Yes, he does ask me to trust him
at face value -
take his words to be the ultimate truth.

Well, I do or I do not
Does it really matter?
If one loves, love shall he
be there trust or treachery.

For me, love is forever...
and a Beloved is for life.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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