A Perfect World!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Poet's Justice!  by T. A. Ramesh
Gob-Smacked Me  by Mukesh Williams
If You Are Right  by Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi
In Principle  by R. D. Ashby
Judgment  by R. D. Ashby
Justice  by Kumud Biswas
Justitia  by R. D. Ashby
On A Technicality  by R. D. Ashby
Only Ginger Knew...The Truth  by Sandra Martyres
Petals of the Same Flower  by R. D. Ashby
Retribution  by Sony Dalia
Ruling  by Rajender Krishan
Savants of Justice  by N S Ramachandran
Terminator  by Sony Dalia
The Killing of Gaddafi  by R. D. Ashby
The King's Justice  by Kumud Biswas
Violation  by Sony Dalia