Ola de Sas

East London,South Africa

My name is Ola (Alexandra) de Sas Kropiwnicki. I have published two books in Polish and numerous short stories. I have also written my autobiography in English which is still in manuscript form. I was born in Poland and spent my youth in Warsaw during the German occupation of World War II as well as being in two concentration camps. After which I moved to London (married a Polish Vet), and then spent most of my life in Southern Africa. I am a permanent student of different languages and cultures. In my youth I studied Chinese and obtained a BA (Hons.) degree in modern Chinese from the University of London in 1950. 

I also read for a Higher Diploma in Librarianship from the University of South Africa. After which I worked for many years at the East London Museum (in South Africa). My life has been full of interesting and sometimes horrific adventures, but since my retirement I lead a quiet life and I try to practice meditation. I currently reside in East London, but still make occasional trips to Poland to see family and friends.             

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