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In an era of 'Publishing abundance' unfortunately ushered in by our perverted democracy and technological explosion, looking for needles in hay stacks has become the full-time occupation of a conservative reader who still clings to the old-fashioned belief that quality is all, I don't feel ashamed to confess that I am a conservative in regard to my reading habits and I am immensely happy now that I have found 'a needle'.

An explosively revolutionary book entitled 'NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry' jointly edited by two fearless journalists and writers Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak has recently been published by Vigil Public Opinion Forum (VPOF) in Chennai. This forum came into being in Chennai in 1982, as a result of Shri Shivramji Jogelakar's visionary and persistent efforts to unite persons who wrote regularly 'Letters to the Editor' columns in the English and vernacular Press on various public issues from time to time. His whole life was committed to looking for and then bringing together people who are committed to public cause and who dedicated their time to serve a social cause. During the last 25 years, Vigil has emerged as a vibrant and courageous public opinion forum committed to the principle of establishment of truth at any cost.

This revolutionary book exposes the evil anti-national designs of some NGOs and activists operating in India.

They are all committed to their supreme objective of De-Hinduising the Indian State which means rendering the Hindu identity to any aspect of our national life illegitimate and irrelevant in public life and public discourse, with the subterranean objective of eroding the 'Hindu Consciousness' in the Hindus and finally wiping out the Hindu face of the nation. Against this dangerous background, Radha Rajan superbly summarizes the consequential position: 'Thus arises the demand for a ban on cow slaughter, the demand of Hindu bakthas that government withdraw from temple administration and stop usurping temple money and temple revenue, the demand for the right to administer their temples and utilize temple money in the interest of Hindu Dharma, the demand that governments take cognizance of growing religious demographic imbalance, the demand that governments acknowledge the consequences of foreign, State-powered and funded religious conversions, demands for an accurate and honest writing of Indian History and the stubborn 'secularist' refusal to admit that all terrorism leading to secession is either Christian or Islamic terrorism, only attests to Hindu powerlessness in the face of political conduct which derives from a twisted definition of secularism.'

Nehruvian secularism is committed to the cause of de-nationalizing and de-Hinduising Indian polity. De-nationalizing involves the processes of devaluing both nation and nationality. De-nationalizing the Indian State, Radha Rajan asserts, has resulted in deadening our consciousness to the ignominy of the rise of a foreigner in Indian polity who aspires to become our Prime Minister.

What emerges from this book can be summarized in the following equation: Mohammedanism + Missionaryism + Marxism + Macaulayism + Nehruvian Secularism = Promotion of Terrorism in India.

In the light of this axiomatic equation, several NGOs and their activities have been analyzed with facts and figures which is a wake up call for all the nationalist Hindus of India who subscribe to the philosophy and ideals of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and Bal Gangadar Tilak. It is a veritable mine of information on many anti-national and anti-Hindu NGOs. And certain high-profile individuals who are found to be in the forefront of anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda on various issues. Based on a careful analysis of the activities of many NGOs, this landmark book establishes a tangible relationship between the anti-India and the anti-Hindu dimensions of these sinister organizations. In the view of Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak, there can never be any Indian nationalism that is contrary to or separate from Hindu nationalism. It is a natural corollary that the continuing attempts to de-Hinduise our polity by these NGOs and their activists have implications for the national security and the relationship of so-called religious minorities in India with Hindus and the Indian State.
The focus of this book is on the following issues:

a) How these NGOs are de-nationalizing the Hindu consciousness in a cold and calculated manner with the covert and overt help from the government of India?
b) A scrutiny of the loose coalition of opportunistic (only in respect of India) anti-Hindu Christians, Muslims, Communists and Nehruvian secularists who are guilty of advocacy of secular sedition when they dismiss Indian nationalism with contempt and hatefully deny the concept of Hindu India's territorial integrity.
c) Politically and socially criminal attempts to use history and social science to indoctrinate the young and impressionable minds with the agenda to de-root the Hindu community from its cultural enclave of geographical nationalism.

Islam-embracing, Christianity-coveting, and Hindu-baiting UPA government has carefully planted all the activists belonging to the anti-Hindu category as Members in the Central Advisory Board on Education (CABE) and National Integration Council (NIC). This also includes the Archbishop of Delhi! Many of the activists under the scanner in this book under review find place in both CABE and NIC. This fact is not incidental but fundamental. The dastardly aspect in this context is that there is not a single member in CABE or NIC to represent Hindu interests while Muslims, Christians, Marxists and Nehruvian Secularists and page boys of Sonia Gandhi have been nominated exclusively to represent all these interests in general and the overriding sovereign anti-Hindu secular interests.

Radha Rajan observes with biting sarcasm: 'The activists profiled in this book share Edgar Williams' colonial contempt for the sanctity of the concept of nation and national border and his pathetic ignorance about pre-colonial history and geography of nations, and so they treat the territorial integrity and inviolability of nations and States with the same contempt. Edgar Williams' opinions in his article are self-illustrative of American arrogance and the country's relentless pursuit to fulfill its white Christian neo-colonial and neo-imperialist delusions. The anti-nation, anti-Hindu 'peace' and 'human rights' activists have the same contempt for all Hindu organic and traditional social structures and group identities as they have for the nation and national borders; so they denounce family, varna, jathi and kula, religion and nation as 'upper caste' and 'patriarchal' constructs. 'The ultimate intent of their activism is to damage the Hindu social fiber and weaken social cohesion by de-Hinduising large segments of Hindu society.'

What is most amazing is that Radha Rajan and her colleagues are also incisive Chartered Social Accountants! The following table gives details of the payment and receipt relating to Indo-Pak Peace March Expense Account of Sandeep Pandey on page 251:

I know only about the Dandi March in Indian History. Perhaps Indo-Pak Peace March might be world famous in global pseudo-secular history! An amount of nearly Rs.34,900 has been incurred on petrol and diesel and conveyance. Passport expenses account for Rs.75,000.

Mahatma Gandhi, to the best of my knowledge, did not incur such expenses. At any rate, he did not go on Dandi March in order to collect money from funding agencies abroad. The nation owes a deep debt of gratitude to Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak for bringing out several dimensions and aspects of the truth about several anti-Hindu and anti-India activists and NGOs plotting with gay abandon against the territorial and spiritual integrity of India.

Magicians through the ages have never been able to control their angels or their demons until they discovered their names. The origin of all literature lies here. We have the literature of knowledge; we have the literature of interpretation and the literature of escape; we also have the literature of power.  I pay my tribute to this great book in the following words of Mathew Arnold:

'Books are man's rational protest against the irrational, man's pitiful protest against the implacable, man's ideal against the world's real, man's word against the cosmic dumbness, man's life against the planetary death, man's revelation of the God within him, man's repartee to the God without him. Whoever touches a book touches not only a 'man' but 'MAN.'

Karl Marx and Engels produced the 'Communist Manifesto' in 1848. Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak have produced this great book which I call 'Save Hindu Manifesto.' Their clarion call to us all Hindus is: Hindus of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains - chains of Mohammedanism, Missionaryism, Macaulayism, Nehruvian Secularism, Marxism and Global Terrorism. 


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