Four Fold Menace - 6

A nexus of enveloping evil - 6

Though books, as John Milton says, may be the embalming of mighty spirits, they are also the resurrection of rebellious and boisterous spirits! And just because books are the repository of all the redemptions and damnations, all the sanities and insanities, of the Divine anarchy of the soul, they are still, as they have always been, an object of suspicion to every kind of ruling authority. A great book sets the prophet against the priest, the prisoner against society, the has-nothing against the has-all, the individual against the universe! Books are more than a second Nature. They are an-under Nature and over-nature. They are Nature in her appalling universality, strained through the divine diabolic sieves of every type of human imagination. It seems as if there is darkness and light, evil and good, in any great human book; yes, and clarity and obscurity too. Sometimes I am tempted to think that a supreme work of polemic narration cannot exist without an element of appalling obscenity. Even the most idealistic of great books often dips deep down into the mud, deep down into that abysmal silt at the bottom of the ocean without which reality would not be reality. The over-sweetness of pious optimism comes at last to smack of death, till the bitter antidote of desperate pessimism galvanizes it back into life. The great books are the books that create a world, a world to which, with its atmosphere, its situations, its characters, you can compare the haphazard chances and casual impressions of real life as they cross your path.

These boiling intellectual and emotional reactions besieged my soul when I was reading the recently published book titled 'NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry' edited by Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak. In this gun-powder book Krishen Kak has written a brilliant article Scoring Against Paganism: Untangling the Manderweb in which he describes the anti-national activities of some unscrupulous individuals of global fame in the NGOs Industry in India. In this context, he has coined an exciting word called Manderweb which would smoothly slide into the slot of any cyber-space concerned with international fraud, both as a cause and effect of NGOs Industry in India.

Who are the leading players in the revolutionary firmament of The Manderweb? Of course the unquestioned leader with a tremendous clout here, there and everywhere, now and always, is Harsh Mander, the former Chief of Action Aid India. He functioned as a paid Intelligence Agent of the British Government in India. He has arrogated to himself the role of Lady Katherine Mayo who in her scandalous book called 'Miss India' blasphemed India and her people in the middle 1920s. Mahatma Gandhi dismissed her report as a Drain Inspector's Report. Harsh Mander has done the same in regard to Narendra Modi and the Hindus of Gujarat and India in all his perorations abroad during the last five years. Krishen Kak brings out the fact that Harsh Mander and the Times of India violated almost every instruction of the Press Councils' Guidelines on the reporting of Communal violence.

Harsh Mander was condemned by the Press Council of India (decision 14/106/02-03 dated 30 JUNE 2003, Dr Krishen Kak v/s TIMES OF INDIA) for spreading false rumors about alleged Hindu atrocities in his famous column 'Hindustan hamara' in TIMES OF INDIA dated 20 March 2003; incidentally a title borrowed from a poem by Mohammed Iqbal, who claimed 'Our India' for ISLAM and became the spiritual father of Pakistan.

To quote the most appropriate words of Dr. Koenraad Elst in this context: 'Distortive or even totally false reporting on communally sensitive issues is a well entrenched feature of Indian journalism. There is no self-corrective mechanism in place to remedy this endemic culture of disinformation. 'These days, much acclaimed characters like John Dayal, Harsh Mander and Arundhati Roy lie in waiting for communal riots and elatedly jump at them when and where they erupt. They exploit the anti-Hindu propaganda value of riots to the hilt, making up fictional stories as they go along to compensate for any defects in the true account.'

After exposing the gigantic fraud underlying Action Aid India and its secular non-saffronized cosmopolitan and globe-trotting plenipotentiary acting in the manner of a KARMA YOGI, Krishen Kak directs his highly 'communal' laser beam to Aruna Roy's NGO which goes by the grandiloquent name of Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS). He does it with unique pungency and poignancy. It is clear from Krishen Kak's mathematical analysis that Aruna Roy, as a matter of NGO right, expects integrity and public accountability from everyone excepting herself. As a Gandhian, she would not take any foreign help in cash but would not mind accepting free air-tickets for her frequent travels around the world. In this respect Aruna Roy and Harsh Mander supplement each other and not supplant each other. Like Harsh Mander, she also once belonged to the IAS and what was an irreparable loss to the IAS became an indispensable gain to the secular anti-Hindu NGOs Industry in India. Krishen Kak graphically brings out how she became an irreplaceable asset to the international forces of fraud and deceit in India, Global Islam, Global Christianity and Evangelism, Marxism and overtopping them all Nehruvian Secularism.

An American Body called Association for India's Development (AID), hosted Aruna Roy and her colleague Sankar Singh as the key-note Speakers to America. Arunaji and Sankarji gave their heartfelt testimonials to Narendra Modi and the Hindus of Gujarat as the joint sponsors of State organized violence against the compassionate and innocent Muslims of Gujarat. The Hindu men, women and children who were burnt alive in a railway carriage at Godhra were not even mentioned once in their public speeches.

Aruna Roy's duplicity was exposed by a fellow-participant at the World Social Forum (WSF) in Mumbai. There Aruna Roy said 'When we say another world is possible, we are saying that we want development and globalization that is people-centric, that puts people first rather than Corporations or profits' . No doubt even in her own NGO industry MKSS, she puts 'people' first, and so she tells the world. But her air tickets to the USA and all her travel costs and hospitality abroad are eventually paid for by her American sponsors' earnings from 'Corporations and Profits'. As Beena Adhik observes : ' The NGOs who are flocking to WSF, have no ideology and are themselves totally dependent on foreign funding which in turn comes from multi nationals.'

What is the conclusion of all this NGOs tamasha – sordid, sinister, sadistic and showy? Krishen Kak delivers his somber and condign verdict : 'But then, as the Volcker Report, the Mitrokhin and Benediktov papers, and the Quattrocchi saga reveal, Aruna Roy and her kind are aligned to a political lineage that flatters itself on it's 'crystalline honesty' even as it grovels and fattens itself on anti-national foreign largesse'.

Aruna Roy assets with pious pomposity that 'we cannot stand by and watch the failure of Government and civil society, the breakdown of law and order, of democratic human values. It is a question of whether Indian democracy will survive at all'. As a known Marxist, she will not talk about West Bengal where the communists systematically rig the elections so much so that 'Democracy and Bengal' are two mutually exclusive concepts. She will not talk about the Hindu genocide in Kashmir systematically carried out with the help of Islamic J & K Government by the saints and sages of compassionate Islam !. She will not talk about parts of Bihar which became a 'Pakistan Mohalla' during the Chief Ministership of Lallu Yadav and his redoubtable Rabri Devi, both of whom functioned as Nehruvian secular Commission Agents of global terrorist Islam !. She will not talk about Kishenganj district in Bihar which has become a mini-Pakistan area thanks to 'tainted minister' Taslim Ahmed in Dr Manmohan Singh's Cabinet. She can go all the way to America to cry to Americans about Hindus who are not compassionate etc etc, but she hasn't the guts to go to the Jammu refugee camps that are described as hell-on-earth and tell the Hindu refugees there of vicious and wicked Muslim terrorists who are not so compassionate etc etc. For her, Government of Gujarat is always more culpable than the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. This is Congress sponsored, Sonia-supported and sustained Nehruvian secularism at its noblest, truest, sublimest best !

Like Aruna Roy, Shabnam Hashmi of the Nehruvian-secular Sahmat lied about foreign help in cash but not in kind, nor about the Islamic interests that, for the same purpose as Aruna Roy's, paid for her travel to and in America for Hindu-baiting and Narendra Modi-baiting in America!. The other great actors on the international stage of machinating , mendacious and malicious Manderweb, apart from Harsh Mander and Aruna Roy, are K N Panikkar, Shuba Mudgal, Arudathi Roy, Shekar Singh and N C Saxena.

These Nehruvian Secularists are appeasers. They preach compassion, understanding and tolerance to the Hindus. But they dare not preach to Christian missionaries or Muslim Mullahs values of compassion, understanding and tolerance towards the pagan Hindus.

These unscrupulous pseudo-secular deceivers are the most dangerous members of our society. They trifle with the best affections of our nature and violate the most sacred obligations with pan-Islamic, pan-Christian and pan-Marxist contempt, solidly supported by the mafia of mass media in India. Hindus of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but the chains of these deceivers!!   

 – Continued

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