Four Fold Menace - 4

A nexus of enveloping evil - 4

In the trailblazing book entitled 'NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry' edited by Radha Rajan and Kishen Kak, the nationally destructive role being played by many of the NGOs armed with free flowing supply of foreign funds, under the protective umbrella of pseudo-secularism held aloft by the UPA government, has been presented in a clinching manner by several scholars. Veera Vaishnava in a seminal essay titled Social Movements to Totalitarianism: The Role of NGOs clearly states that his essay is about those NGOs that by words and deeds have so far not been truthful, nor accountable for their actions. To quote his sharp words in this context: 'Many social policies espoused by NGOs reflect sensibilities, feelings of guilt, morals, concerns, preferences and values. They are further armed with a gloomy view of a 'Hindu India' and, not surprisingly, this set of sensibilities is the exact reflection of a cadre of 'Civil Society' protagonists ? extremely well-funded internationalists, social / political activists, missionaries, Islamists, intellectual crooks / pimps, academic entrepreneurs, politicians and wealthy foundations of affluent countries'.

The great and global managers in the anti-nation and anti-Hindu NGO industry in India like Teesta Setalvad, Praful Bidwai, Achin Vanaik, Arundhati Roy, Aruna Roy, Nirmala Deshpande, Angana Chatterji, Akhila Raman, Sandeep Pandey, Raju Rajagopal and Harsh Mandar are all self-appointed guardians of an undefined civil society that has been allowed in India to determine, define and decide what ought to be our national goals 'political, economic, moral, ethical and practical' and to proclaim with authority from the housetop what other immediate knock-down priorities of our society and our nation should be ignored and discarded with vibrant secular contempt in the larger NGOs' interest of de-nationalizing the Indians and de-Hinduising the nation. The might of the UPA Government and the Congress Party is placed at the feet of these global personalities and the mighty NGOs they represent for achieving their undeclared objectives of selling five prime products in India – Terrorist Islam, Compassionate Christianity, Menacing Marxism, Noxious Nehruvian Secularism and Serpentine Soniaism.

Winston Churchill described Russia as a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. We can use the same terms with reference to the concept of undefined 'Civil Society' sordidly being paraded for sale by most of the self righteous and self-seeking contractors of national morality in the NGO industry in India today. What is Civil Society? Civil Society refers to the totality of voluntary civic and social organizations and institutions that form the basis of a functioning society as opposed to the force-backed structures of a state (regardless of that state's political system). Most of the most powerful NGOs in India cannot survive without the political support of the UPA Government and the ideological ballast of Sonia Gandhi. The National Advisory Council is the strategic umbilical chord between many of the anti-Hindu NGOs and the Islam-embracing, Christianity-coveting and Hindu-baiting UPA Government in New Delhi.

NGOs have been the agents of imperialism throughout the world during the colonial period. They are so even today. James Petras, the sociologist, in his article 'NGOs-In the Service of Imperialism', writes as follows: 'Throughout history ruling classes, representing small minorities, have always depended on the coercive State apparatus and social institutions to defend their power, profits and privileges. In the past, particularly in the Third World, imperial-ruling classes financed and supported overseas and domestic religious institutions to control exploited people and deflect their discontent into religious communal rivalries and conflicts. While these practices continue today, in more recent decades a new social institution emerged that provide the same function of control and ideological mystification, the self-described Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs).'

'Today (1999) there are at least fifty thousand (50,000) NGOs in the Third World receiving over $10 billion in funding from international financial institutions, Euro-US-Japanese Governmental Agencies and Local Governments. The Managers of the biggest NGOs manage million dollar budgets with salaries and perks that are comparable to CEOs. They jet to international Conferences, confer with top Corporate and Financial Directors and make Policy decisions that affect in the great majority of cases adversely millions of peoples especially the poor, women and informal sector working people.'

Veera Vaishanava says that almost all the NGOs indulge in vague rhetoric, packaged to appeal to all segments of the citizenry, 'as they seem very noble', and some of the catchy words viewed as issues for calculated NGO action(!) are Peace, Empowerment, Sustainable Development, Displacement, Forest Land and Tribals, Child Rights, Women Empowerment, Right to Food, Animal Rights, Human Rights, Environment, and Capacity Building. When I hear this pit-a-pat of the rain of vacuous and empty words, I am only reminded of one of the characters in Thomas Carlyle's Sartor Resartus(1833) called Professor Teufelsbrockh who asked the question: What are your Axioms and Categories, and Systems and Aphorisms? Words, words. High Air-Castles are cunningly built of Words, the Words well-bedded also in good Logic-Mortar, wherein, however, no knowledge will come to lodge'. Be not the slave of words'.

Most of the UPA Government aided and abetted NGOs in India are interested only in parading an orchestra of panoplied falsehood of words like 'we work among the poorest, the lowliest and the lost'. W.H. Auden had our NGOs in mind when he wrote the following lines of poetry:

Let mouths beware
Of words, for
With words we lie
Can we say peace
When we mean war
Foul thoughts speak fair
And promise falsely

All the NGOs issue pompous mission statements; announce mass campaigns; organize meetings and speeches; and bring out publications and writings. They indulge in underground and over-ground domestic and international fund-raising. Yet at the same time they are without an enforceable Code of Ethics in addition to Transparency, Accountability and Accuracy. Veera Vaishnava says with anguish: 'it is impossible to hold them accountable for their actions and consequences on society, particularly in a nation whose nationhood is continuously under attack both from within and from without, by the same NGOs or their sponsors or allies 'home-grown or foreign'.

The bed-rock, the foundation and the underlying structure of most of these dubious NGOs is anti-State, anti-Nationalist and blatantly anti-Hindu. While they lack specific solutions to any problem, the fact that they are focused specifically against Hindus and Hinduism is patently clear.

I fully agree with Veera Vaishnava when he asserts that these NGOs are totally unrepresentative, undemocratic and totally unaccountable groups which have gained prominence during the last decade. They are supported by some nation-states, globalists and groups (both secular and religious) that have trans-national ambitions, in order to have a reach into various other nations and to have access to peoples. To expect accountability and intellectual honesty from these NGOs is rank foolishness. Countries like England and America are using these NGOs (faith-based groups) to undermine the national integrity of India. These groups follow the following tactics:

a) Ganging together under a master NGO such as Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) to protest against Narendra Modi's visit to the US. They act as central players, setting the agenda, drafting documents, writing in the media, parading mercenary activists as scholars, lobbying diplomats and Governments.

b) Speed is the essence of their approach. The Blitzkrieg manner in which they unleash propaganda limits the opportunities for dissent and understanding. Further, one can never verify every claim (lie!) made by a Master NGO supposedly working for the 'poor and downtrodden'

c) All the efforts of the new NGO activities are described in woolly words like Peoples Participation, Sustainable Development, Empowerment, and Consensus etc. These words are designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

We can clearly see from the inexorable logic outlined in Veera Vaishnava's article that while the declared proclamations of the NGOs like FOIL, ASHA, AID etc any be noble, yet it to be a matter of serious national concern that they do not disclose their methods of operation, their balance-sheets, tactics and strategies. Since they are all anti-Statist, anti-National and anti-Hindu, all of us have a right to know the truth about many of the NGOs operating in India. They are acting on behalf of external forces and ideologies, while making profits in social 'markets' of a weak Hindu Society. It is indeed an arduous task to keep track of such NGOs (social movements!) as they spin off under different names and banners much like Jihadi Groups in Pakistan that overlap and network with the divisive agenda of others.

Basically, an ideal society envisioned by all these Nation-Sabotaging NGOs is the one dominated and controlled by the State, and opposite of what democracies have and aspire for?a society dominating the State. However, the law is not binding on them because the captains of NGOs Industry see it only as a means to achieve their final end destruction of Hinduism and Hindu India. With this end in view they have succeeded in achieving total control of mass media in India.

To conclude in the appropriate words of Veera Vaishanava; In their shrill shrieks for humans rights, civil society, minority rights etc, there are these three words one will never hear Responsibilities, Rapprochement and Reconciliation. After all, wouldn't that be a commonsensical solution without tearing up a society?.....It is the Hindu Society that needs a wake-up call to undertake the mission of re-building a truly progressive and inclusive society. It is the Hindus alone who can strengthen the society without unduly pandering or yielding to anti-nationals who want to destroy the Indian Identity and Sanatana Dharma by promoting narrow identities- ethnic or religious or caste or class.

 – Continued

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