Walter Durk


I've written at various times during my life and have a comprehensive educational background. I've lived and worked in Asia and the United States. Apart from my University literature studies, I have studied writers on my own.
A few of my favorite authors are Thomas Hardy, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Zora Neale Hurston, Bertolt Brecht, Albert Camus, Martin Buber. I like the poetry of Mark Strand and Louise Gluck. I enjoy reading a variety of poetry styles, with emphasis on T'ang and Sung poetry. Some of my work has been published in Sage of Consciousness online literary journal, and Chaotic Dreams online literary journal as a featured poet, as well as certain e-zines.

My writing expresses what and how I want to write. I am interested in nature, Metaphysical and Spiritual concepts, some of which I express in my writing. I prefer shorter works to longer ones. I believe in venturing from the safe and predictable to the new and different.

I believe in peace and am anti-war. I believe in diversity and Socialism, and I believe Capitalism is not the best form of government or economy for many people. I'm an Existentialist, live in the United States, and I'm a fan of foreign films.   

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