Self-realization through Internal Justice

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Workshop # 17

Lived with a family of four
Requirements were more
His earnings were small
Though happy overall

With growing responsibilities
Limited were his abilities
Life was in doldrums
Pressure of problems

All knowledge nullified
Though well qualified
Indifference in his thought
In indecision he’s caught

Started getting many a doubt
Then worry started to rout
In drowned waters he sailed
Through pessimism he failed

Over-caution gripped this man
Finally he turned totally insane
All of a sudden my dream broke
I was then completely awake

Message of each of the words I sought
Justice, each one of them has taught
Common to all, I too should learn to fight
Ideas poured in and then I started to write

Do justice to internal ‘indifferences’

The opinion I express is unique
I insist every one of you must seek
It’s after a thought, and not a freak
‘Indifference’ is what I can never take
Cause, your reputation is at a stake
One by one you then start to break
Your ties with people who mistake
Destroy it my dear for God’s sake
Before it converts you into a big fake

Do justice to internal ‘indecision’

The path that you adopt, you feel is always correct
Once you come across a hurdle you start to suspect
Afraid of your limitations and of losing all the respect
And every step thereafter you become circumspect
Amplified doubts limit thinking, making you terrified
Good or bad, right or wrong, it’s for you to decide
Distinction with a vision, never you should put aside
Pros and cons of every point you should then divide
Leaving all ’indecisions’, you will then be satisfied

Do justice to the internal ‘doubts’

The mind turns numb when the confusion is amplified
Its background noise of the mind not clearly specified
It’s a Clash between the thoughts that never coincide
You wonder, you wallow, and you wish all that’s implied
The struggle of this taunting will dent and bruise your will
You are the master to drive confidence out from the soul
You are the stealer of hope; your confusion takes its toll
The root for all this is ‘doubt’ which should be in control
To relieve yourself of doubts and simply play your role

Do justice to all your internal ‘worries’

Productive function, anticipatory or dangerous, causes ‘worry’
Toxic or good, engulfed in thoughts, result in actions that hurry
Today’s concerns, tomorrow’s worries, like an ever growing tree
Hurdles crossed, life stem becomes stronger, makes you merry
They begin; form a cycle of inefficient thoughts, whirling round
When materialistic requirements of life continuously surround
Like the unstoppable time itself, solutions inevitable are found
Positive its happiness, else its worry again making you frowned
Blessed you’re, if busy during daytime, sleepy to worry at night

Do justice to your internal ‘over-caution’

Said the Pope, “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread’
But ‘over-caution’ is hazardous too, it may turn you dead
Born of worry, solutions vary, causing fear to take a lead
About the outcome of each problem you are always afraid
High mountains, loads too heavy and path that is steep
And rewards so small, all preventing you to take a leap
Pretence of 'playing it safe', doubts in mind you keep
A ‘full scale assault’ on pessimism, the only way to reap
Your motivation, inspiration and passion will never sleep

Do justice to the element of internal ‘fear’

‘Fear’ is the deadly enemy of man
The word that pricks like a thorn
Greed, the reason why you earn
Lust, its outcome makes you mourn
Pride, it blinds you to be discern
Fight, it always makes you dern
Wrath, it only builds a heart burn
Envy, it always leaves you alone
Sloth, it ends you up in a cavern
When death says it’s your turn
Greed, lust, pride, fight, wrath, envy, sloth, death all are but one
That provokes the deadly ‘fear’ in you, of always losing someone
If I lose the love of every one, one day I will turn out to be none
Its developed in between, overcome it, as with it no one is born

Justice delayed is justice denied

Having analyzed these, to conclude it all
Self-confidence within, you should install
Every problem of life you should probe
Education is not only to acquire a job

It’s to attain the required Knowledge
For you to analyze and correctly judge
And to seek solutions through your vision
Showing light, to bring you out of illusion

Believe in yourself and then start to act
Your Creator has a purpose, it’s a fact
Faith in Him and will to achieve your ambition
Is only attained through your self-realization

Workshop # 17

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Comment Interesting to read! Congratulations!

01-Feb-2011 16:12 PM

Comment Every one who is on an internal journey to find the Highest Truth like you and every one who leads a life with an attitude of gratitude, I know, can appreciate what I have written... Thank You very much...Ms.Shernaz wadia for your wishes.

01-Feb-2011 13:03 PM

Comment Congratulations!!

Shernaz Wadia
01-Feb-2011 10:46 AM

Comment Thank You very much!

01-Feb-2011 06:53 AM

Comment Dear Prof Peddi, Congrats! Happy to read your wonderful poem. Best Mukesh Williams

Mukesh Williams
01-Feb-2011 06:47 AM

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