Missing Link

Workshop # 2

The dawn of civilization 
is a piece of history that we always love to look 
And imagine our own world, 
where it is today and the time it really took !
From the bullock cart and muddy road, 
to sonic jet and super highway 
The world has come closer, 
to build the bridges, and prevent any sway !

Modern science can take us 
from one pole to other with the blinking of an eye 
And allows us to communicate quietly, 
without any travel, just to say goodbye !
Now the people are fearless, 
'cause they have conquered the nature unknown 
By taming the odds against their will 
and in museums, they are neatly shown !

At times we are paying the tolls 
for the changes that we have made 
And thoughts start to wonder, 
when the devoted minds like to fade !
Solutions of pollution are taking time 
from our so-called beneficial plans 
And placing the "progress" back in a circle, 
to dignify the political clans!

Ancient life was harder in many ways, 
but people had some peace of mind 
Because of the honesty and simplicity 
that nowhere now we can really find !
Air was so cleaner, soil chemical free, 
and water was safer to drink 
But today the pollutants frighten us 
to stumble and help us to shrink !

True love and old respect are fading away 
quickly from the modern culture now 
While 'Internet' and 'Intranet' 
are taking over daily to direct our lives somehow !
Emotions or friendships may be expressed well, 
through the strokes of a keyboard or the mouse 
And now memory chips in compu-brain 
are sources of our knowledge, like a storage warehouse !

We appreciate the beauty of modern age, 
swamped with the whistles and bells 
Tangled with all kinds of progress 
over the time and buried well in all the tales !
But the dawn of present civilizations 
still allows us to miss, and leads us to think 
About life's simplicity or devotion to God, 
while it mends promised missing link!

Workshop # 2 
A Golden Tomorrow by Pavalamani Pragasam
Again by Patrick Durnil   
Bliss by Pavalamani Pragasam   
Chakra-View by Maalok    
Emancipation by Frank Sheehan   
Eyes of the Child by Cynthia Proctor   
Heritage by Hecletia    
India by Dr. Soumya Panigrahi   
Inner Lights by Judy N. Morningstar   
Just Another Day by Danielle    
Kaal Chakra by B.K. Swaminathan   
Liberated by Mary Ann Harrison   
Life Holding Life by Shubhra Krishan    
Life Moves On by Rajender Krishan    

Lost and Alone by Beth Hancock   
Missing Link by Hillol Ray   
My Grandpa by Pavalamani Pragasam   
Nirvana by Ramendra Kumar    
Nurturing Naiveté by Anton Piskac   
Ode To A Grandchild by Mallik Bulusu  
Pearls of Wisdom by Subhajit Ghosh  
Poverty by Esmond Jones   
Remembering Father by Nicholas LaMattina   
Rest by Pavalamani Pragasam   

Safe by Pavalamani Pragasam   
Suffering by Ankita Kumar   
The Picture by Maria Reed-Shore   
The Wheel of Life by Anonymous     
The Wheel of Time by Bijal Dwivedi    

The Wheel of Time by Shveta Kabra   
Wheel by Ambika Bhatt    
Wheel of Fortune by Hillol Ray    

Wheel of Time by Meenakshi Madhur    

Wheel: Symbol of Progress by Dr. C.S. Shah    

You Are The Purpose of My Life by Meera Chowdhry    
You, Me and The Wheel of Time by Suniti Chandra Mishra    

Youth & Reminiscence by Joseph Allen Hardy   


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