Youth & Reminiscence

Workshop # 2

Sometimes we live life too fast
and yearn to take a seat.
At times our hearts thrive
to embark on life's journey.
And then there are other times...
when the youthful exuberance and elder wisdom entwine 
and become as one
As the spokes of a wheel
unite to make a wagon advance along its way.

With arms embracing one another
The elders hold steadfastly to the exuberance.
With eyes of wildfire,
the youthful ones strive to discover
new breathtaking sunrises
and soothing sunsets.

As the journey of life continues,
wheels of strength and endurance,
there come times
when our eyes close
to focus on the wisdom of the past.

Many individuals note:
How can the past be another stepping
stone to my future?
One way is to embrace heartily
the experiences gained and
the losses and triumphs thereof.

"Gear up, my fellow companions,
and again turn the wheels of life."

A never ending story is written
through every path trod
and every heart touched.

High-spirited living
is like a fountain of youth
for one's soul.

If nothing else, take heart in this:
Keep the wheels constantly moving;
Don't fret over future endeavors.
Because the wheels turn in so many perfect circles, 
we dare not try to fathom them all.

Completeness shall lie ahead for thee and thy loved ones.
I close my eyes and pray.

Workshop # 2 
A Golden Tomorrow by Pavalamani Pragasam
Again by Patrick Durnil   
Bliss by Pavalamani Pragasam   
Chakra-View by Maalok    
Emancipation by Frank Sheehan   
Eyes of the Child by Cynthia Proctor   
Heritage by Hecletia    
India by Dr. Soumya Panigrahi   
Inner Lights by Judy N. Morningstar   
Just Another Day by Danielle    
Kaal Chakra by B.K. Swaminathan   
Liberated by Mary Ann Harrison   
Life Holding Life by Shubhra Krishan    
Life Moves On by Rajender Krishan    

Lost and Alone by Beth Hancock   
Missing Link by Hillol Ray   
My Grandpa by Pavalamani Pragasam   
Nirvana by Ramendra Kumar    
Nurturing Naiveté by Anton Piskac   
Ode To A Grandchild by Mallik Bulusu  
Pearls of Wisdom by Subhajit Ghosh  
Poverty by Esmond Jones   
Remembering Father by Nicholas LaMattina   
Rest by Pavalamani Pragasam   

Safe by Pavalamani Pragasam   
Suffering by Ankita Kumar   
The Picture by Maria Reed-Shore   
The Wheel of Life by Anonymous     
The Wheel of Time by Bijal Dwivedi    

The Wheel of Time by Shveta Kabra   
Wheel by Ambika Bhatt    
Wheel of Fortune by Hillol Ray    

Wheel of Time by Meenakshi Madhur    

Wheel: Symbol of Progress by Dr. C.S. Shah    

You Are The Purpose of My Life by Meera Chowdhry    
You, Me and The Wheel of Time by Suniti Chandra Mishra    

Youth & Reminiscence by Joseph Allen Hardy   


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