Kabir Love Songs

Naina Untari Aav Tun, Jyon Hon Nain Jhapeun
Na Hon Dekhun Aur Kun, Na Tum Dekhan Deun
Kabir Rekh Sindoor Ki, Kajar Diya Na Jayee
Nainoo Ramayaa Rami Rahiya, Dooja Kahan Samayee
Man Parteet Na Prem Rus, Na It Tan Mein Dhung
Kya Jane Oos Peevsun, Kaise Rehsi Rung


O Love come but once within my sight,
Instantly I shall capture by dropping the eyelids
I shall not see anyone else anymore,
Nor shall I let you behold another
Says Kabir, in the parting line of a woman's hair,
Kajal cannot be applied
Same way, once the Lord occupies my eyes,
How can another find abode there?
My mind lacks faith and Love is not so deep,
Nor my body knows the the creative ways
I wonder when I do meet the beloved
How he shall react to me !

My Understanding

A strong yearning, adoration with possessiveness, a sense of wonder and willingness to accept the chances of one being vulnerable are the key ingredients that make Love the most beautiful and anxious at the same time.

In this verse, Kabir reveals the same elements and using both emotion and intellect eagerly awaits the arrival of his beloved.  While the first two lines of this song reveal the human nature of possessiveness, the last two lines exposes the vulnerability of the lover seeking the beloved.  The last two lines also show both the spiritual and human relationships.  While the spiritual perception makes the beloved (God) Supreme and the lover (Seeker) still unfit or struggling, the context of human relationships hints on issues of compatibility.

In my opinion, this is the hallmark of Kabir's poetry that it touches the reader at both the physical & spiritual levels and stirs the heart, mind and soul.

Rajender Krishan

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