Kabir Love Songs

Sayeen Bin Darad Karejae Hoye
Din Nahin Chain Raat Nahin Nindia, Kase Kahun Dukh Hoye!
Aadhi Ratia Pichle Paharva, Sayeen Bin Taras Rahi Soye
Kahat Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho,Sayeen Mile Sukh Hoye


Without the beloved, the heart just aches
Distraught during days, sleepless in nights
To who shall I narrate my empty plight!
In the middle of night, the hours of ambrosia
I sleep but with a yearning heart
Says Kabir - listen my friends
I shall rejoice, meeting Love alone.

My Understanding

Separation from one's beloved is the cause of all yearnings. As humans, perhaps this awareness alone differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Kabir in this doha, taking a social context, helps us in understanding Love in our own, individual, unique way.

What exactly is that we yearn?  What is that we long?  What is it that makes us empty and what is it that helps us get fulfilled? Isn't it but our sense of belonging with our Lover?  And who is that Master Lover, if not the One to whom we truly belong.

Ignorance of one's inner strength or 'roots' is the cause of all agony.  This separation from the 'beloved' cannot be anything else but a state of anguish and pain.  Can one really express this to another? No. We all feel the pangs and pain of love in our own unique way.  Love that is the cause of creation, Love that is the purpose of Life, Love that is the key to one's aspirations, Love that is Hope, Love that is Faith,  cannot be expressed in any other word but Love.  Love is the key ingredient that makes us vibrant and alive.  Only the pain, agony and yearning of Love, can make one understand what Love is all about. (Love, it is so difficult to infer and even understand).

Isn't this the way to self-realization, the key to unlock one's inner self? 

Without Love we are dead.


Rajender Krishan

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Comments on this Love Song

Comment very nice
reena baliyan
20-Jun-2011 01:54 AM

Comment dear rajendra,you power of word translation is unique. i fully relize that you are really devoties of kabir verse.
24-Feb-2011 03:42 AM

Comment Dear Rajender

Its indeed pleasure to me that to know the meaning and understanding of Kabir Saheb poem. Its' really great job. Thanking you

17-Feb-2011 02:56 AM

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