Kabir Love Songs

Aananda Mangal Gaawo Moree Sajanee, Bhayo Prabhat Beet Gayee Rajanee
Udhara Nirantara Phulee Phulwaaree, Tahaa Meree Mansa Kare Rakhwaree
Varashi Naam Amee Phal Laage, Peewenge Koi Santa Swabhaage
Kahet Kabir Goonge Kee Sainaa, Satguru Shabda Parakh Kara Nainaa


O beloved, let us sing together the song of joy, for the night has gone and dawn has come once again. Everywhere, within and without, the beautiful gardens blossom with fragrant flowers. In every place my steadfast mind is taking care. There is no fear of the darkness, so lets sing the song of joy in the enchanting garden. The blissful showers of the true name sprinkle the fruitful trees. So bountiful are the fruits of nectar, yet only the fortunate few will taste this heavenly juice. Let us sing this song of joy together, beholding the Satguru Shabda. The eyes are stunned and the organ of speech is mute. Satguru Kabir Sahib says, only signs and gestures can feebly express the glory. Let us sing the song of joy together.

Kharandai  Dookie

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