Kabir Love Songs

Supne Mein Sayeen Mile, Sovat Liya Lagaye
Aankh Na Khoolun Darpatta, Mat Sapna Hai Jaye
Sayeen Mera Bahut Gun, Likhe Jo Hirde Mahin
Piyoon Na Pani Darpatta, Mat Veh Dhoye Jahin
Naina Bheeter Aav Tu, Nain Jhaamp Tohe Layoon
Na Mein Dekhun Aur Ko, Na Tehi Dekhan Deyoon


In dream came my consort, in sleep I made contact
Scared I open not my eyes, lest the dream gets lost
Wise is my consort, writes so in my heart
Fearful, I drink not, lest the message gets washed
Enter in my eyes, I may absorb you with eyelids dropped
Neither shall I see anyone, nor let you see anyone else.

My Understanding

Communion, where two become One - to merge into the Absolute; the state of  perfection - where none else remains but Love. Love is longing, a sense of belonging, an intense craving to become one with One. Kabir, in this verse shows that intensity of relationship that only true lovers can attain. The verse also conveys  the human emotion of  'possessiveness' when Kabir says that he shall see none else and wouldn't let his consort see anyone else but him.  In literal sense it may appear so, but in truth this 'possessiveness' reveals that state of attainment where nothing exists anymore.   It is a desire to culminate into a complete dissolution where the subject "I" and the object "You" cease. What seems to remain, and perhaps that is what is aimed for, is Love realizing the absolute Oneness.


Rajender Krishan

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