A Dream   by Prof. Dr. Anil K. Prasad
A Fellow-Traveller  by Prof. Dr. Anil K. Prasad
A Touch  by Kingshuk Chakraborty
After the Arrival  by Prof. Dr. Anil K. Prasad
An Unknown Paradise  by Rupradha Mookerjee
Bhavana   by Venkata Ramana Rao
Calm Valley  by Pili Pubul
Celebrating Solitude  by Prof. Dr. Anil K. Prasad
Companion  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Conscience  by Bhupesh Laddha
December  by Jayati Chowdhury
Departure Does Not Upset Me Anymore  by Pooja Sharma
Disillusion   by Vijay Nath
Diwali  by Rupradha Mookerjee
Diwali  by Kingshuk Chakraborty
Don't Feign  by Aparna Chatterjee
Dormant  by Kingshuk Chakraborty
Eternal Bond  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Eternity is Lost  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Fear  by D V
Feel  by Aparna Chatterjee
Feel  by Aparna Chatterjee
Feel  by Aparna Chatterjee
Feel  by Aparna Chatterjee
Feeling  by Aparna Chatterjee
Feelings  by Aparna Chatterjee
Feelings  by Asha Nigam
Feelings  by Bhooma Madhavi
Feelings Inspire All  by T. A. Ramesh
Feelings of a Whore   by Wangdi Gyalpo
Feelings of Love   by Karthik Naryan
Feelings Under Ivory Tower  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
Festival of Lights  by Vijay Nath
Finding Me   by Sandeep Sen
Fulfilment  by R. D. Ashby
Happy Father's Day  by Rupradha Mookerjee
Holy Cow  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
I Am Waiting....  by Mamta Pathak
Identity  by Sushil Kansal
Invaluable Jewels  by Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi
It's Love  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Land of the Heart  by Kingshuk Chakraborty
Let Me Tell You  by Parthap Ratim Banerjee
Lets Start Again  by Mita Sharma
Loneliness  by Aparna Chatterjee
Miss You  by Bharat Mehru
Mistake   by Bhupesh Laddha
Mixed Feelings  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
Morning Tea  by Rupradha Mookerjee
My Lonely Dreams   by Tri Tran
My Sight   by Vwastav Ghosh
Naive  by Swatantra Sharma
Obsession  by Kingshuk Chakraborty
Pain and Joy  by Kulbir Bhalla
Pain is Good  by Mita Sharma
Perversion?  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Rain  by Jayati Chowdhury
Rajender   by Pili Pubul
Rajnigandha Touch  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Separation Brings Us Closer  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
She  by Bhupesh Laddha
Sheer Joy  by Annu Chopra
Some  by Aparna Chatterjee
Some Feelings Remain  by Debalina Roychowdhury
Some People  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Something Worth Loving…  by Mallika Bakshi
Sometimes I Feel  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
Stone  by Aparna Chatterjee
Stride  by Subhajit Ghosh
Strong Feelings  by Ramesh Anand
Subtle  by Aparna Chatterjee
Survival  by Sony Dalia
The Charm!  by Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
The Fear of New Knowledge  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Waterdrop on a Lotus Leaf  by Dr. Rao S Vummethala
What is Falling in Love?  by Amita Amin
When  by Aparna Chatterjee
When it Bleeds, Let it Bloom  by Kingshuk Chakraborty
Why Do I Write?  by Dr. Rao S Vummethala
Why???  by Swatantra Sharma
Widow  by Aparna Chatterjee
Will Ever...  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Winter In and Out  by Kingshuk Chakraborty
Yes, I Loved You ...  by Jayati Chowdhury
You Entered Into My Life.....  by Bhooma Madhavi
You Met Me  by Parthap Ratim Banerjee