A Beautiful Journey  by Ruchi Gupta
A Break  by Rupradha Mookerjee
A Candlelight Dinner  by Sandra Martyres
A Lucky Meet in Narrow Path!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Night Full of Jasmines  by Bijay Kant Dubey
A Night Romance!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Romantic Eve  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
A Romantic Stroll  by Ramesh Anand
A Small Wish  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
An Enigma  by Wanjiku Njuguna
Break of the Day   by Dr. Ram Mehta
Cinderella  by Sandra Martyres
Cyber Romance  by Dr. Ram Mehta
Did She Come Or Didn't She Come?  by Kumud Biswas
Dinner  by Chitra Padmanabhan
Don't You See?  by Kulbir Bhalla
Ellenised  by Dr. Ram Mehta
Find Me  by Pili Pubul
Fire  by Paresh Chanchani
Flight of Romance  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
Flutter  by Dr. Christine Redman Waldyer
For a Kiss  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Forest in a Glass   by Dr. Christine Redman Waldyer
From Far Away  by Kulbir Bhalla
Heat  by Sasha Damien
How is this Possible?  by Mason McCarthy
I am in your Eyes  by Porshia Chawla Ban
If Only...  by Prerna Singh
Lovely Lady  by Sandra Martyres
Miss Missi is Missing   by Hillol Ray
My Poems   by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
On Being in Your Tongue   by Hillol Ray
Overture  by Dr. Christine Redman Waldyer
Pleasure  by Alex (alexis)
Razor Blade Romance  by Stephen Watson
Recollection  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Romance  by R. D. Ashby
Rumi  by R Purushothama Rao
Savouring   by Sanober Khan
Seasonal Romance  by Ramesh Anand
Song  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Taste  by Aparna Chatterjee
The Call of the Far  by Kumud Biswas
The Rains Did the Trick Again  by Mita Sharma
The Romance of Love  by R. D. Ashby
Till the End of Time  by Lubaina Rahil
Tit for Tat  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Together  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
Union  by Seshu Chamarty
Unknown  by Kumud Biswas
Vision Of The Past  by Pili Pubul
Wake up Call  by Prof. Dr. Jennifer Marie Bayer
What are you doing tomorrow?   by Smarajit Ghosh
Who Can ...  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
You  by Paresh Chanchani
You  by Bharat B. Trivedi
You're Mine...  by Alex (alexis)